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  • Good Health in the Tropics

    Good Health in the Tropics
    W. H. Jopling

    Good Health in the Tropics: Advice to Travelers and Settlers presents a comprehensive health advice to those who are planning to travel to the tropics. The book is divided into two sections.

  • Towards Effective Disease Control in Ghana Research and Policy Implications

    Towards Effective Disease Control in Ghana: Research and Policy Implications
    Koram, Kwadwo A., Ahorlu, Collins K.

    The varied papers presented in these two volumes show that the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research has a diverse research portfolio aimed at supporting health care policy formulation and delivery in Ghana.

  • Leishmania

    Jay P. Farrell

    This volume seeks to bring together recent research on cell and molecular biology of Leishmania with chapters on the host response to infection, the current epidemiology of leishmaniasis, explanations of the many different species, vector …

  • Traveller s infections

    Traveller’s infections
    Sics Editore

    To ensure adequate and specific protection against certain diseases.

  • Tropical Diseases

    Tropical Diseases
    Sangkot Marzuki, Jan Verhoef, Harm Snippe

  • Doctors Without Borders in Ethiopia

    Doctors Without Borders in Ethiopia
    Nyla Jo Jones Hubbard

    This book describes the function of a Doctors Without Borders program at the ground level, at the TB mission they established in eastern Ethiopia during 2001.

  • Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria

    Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria
    World Health Organization

    This publication sets out guidelines to help formulate policies and protocols for the treatment of malaria based on sound evidence that can be applied effectively in most settings.

  • Progress in Human African Trypanosomiasis Sleeping Sickness

    Progress in Human African Trypanosomiasis, Sleeping Sickness
    Michel Dumas, Bernard Bouteille, Alain Buguet

    Human African Trypaniosomiasis (HAT) or sleeping sickness is an old disease to be now considered as reemergent.

  • Tropical Pathology

    Tropical Pathology
    H. Spencer

  • MCQs in Travel Medicine

    MCQs in Travel Medicine
    Dom Colbert

    The style and format of the questions mirror the format of the exam questions, and the book includes a self-test to aid revision.

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