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  • Oxford Handbook of Epidemiology for Clinicians

    Oxford Handbook of Epidemiology for Clinicians
    Helen Ward, Mireille B. Toledano

    This text provides all the information required by students and junior doctors who need to understand and translate key epidemiological concepts into medical practice.

  • RĂ animation et urgences

    RĂ©animation et urgences
    Jean-Jacques Lehot, Charles Arvieux

    Réanimation et urgences aborde non seulement la description des pathologies de l'adulte mais aussi les particularités chez l'enfant, la femme enceinte et la personne âgée.

  • Special Events Medical Services

    Special Events Medical Services
    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Clay Richmond, Doug Poore

    With special events medical services training, new and seasoned EMS personnel alike can ensure a timely and appropriate medical response regardless of the special event size or type.

  • Murder Gender and the Media

    Murder, Gender and the Media
    Jane Monckton-Smith

    This volume is a shocking insight into the way the idea of romantic love can justify and excuse the killing of women by their spouses and partners, and lead to sympathy and reduced prison sentences for the killers.

  • Biological Chemical and Radiological Terrorism

    Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Terrorism
    Alan Melnick

    This book provides sought-after guidance to primary care physicians on preparing for and responding to terrorist events.

  • Principles of EMS Systems

    Principles of EMS Systems
    John Brennan, Jon Krohmer, American College of Emergency Physicians

    This book explores the role the medical director plays in EMS and discusses the importance of medical oversight and accountability.

  • Current Orthopaedic Practice

    Current Orthopaedic Practice
    Sanjeev Agarwal,

    The book is intended as a concise overview of current orthopaedic practice.

  • Cook County Manual of Emergency Procedures

    Cook County Manual of Emergency Procedures
    Robert R. Simon, Christopher Ross, Steven H. Bowman, Pierre E. Wakim

    This text is an invaluable guide for the clinician who may confront a wide range of emergencies, both common and less common.

  • Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills

    Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills
    International Association of Fire Chiefs, National Fire Protection Association

    Includes over 270 skills, covering every job performance requirement within the 2002 edition of NFPA 1001, Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications.

  • NATO And Terrorism

    NATO And Terrorism
    Frances L. Edwards, Friedrich Steinhäusler

    This book provides information about how leading agencies across the NATO membership are preparing to confront and respond to terrorists deploying Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Weapons of Mass Killing (WMK) and Weapons of Mass …

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