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  • Texture of the Nervous System of Man and the Vertebrates Volume 1

    Texture of the Nervous System of Man and the Vertebrates, Volume 1
    Santiago R.y Cajal

    The text is a faithful rendition of the original Spanish version, with additional facts taken from the French translation. Both of these are currently quoted an average of 200 times a year in the scientific literature.

  • Essentials of Human Physiology for Pharmacy

    Essentials of Human Physiology for Pharmacy
    Laurie Kelly McCorry

    The book begins with an overview of cell membrane physiology emphasizing nerve cell function. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the two major regulatory systems in the body, the nervous system and the endocrine system.

  • Anatomie fà r die mà ndliche Prà fung

    Anatomie für die mündliche Prüfung
    Gunther Wennemuth

    Die Reihe MEDialog wurde zur effizienten Vorbereitung auf die mündliche Prüfung im Physikum konzipiert.

  • Clinical Anatomy of the Shoulder

    Clinical Anatomy of the Shoulder
    Murat Bozkurt, Halil Ibrahim Acar

    This book provides detailed information on functional anatomy, physical examination, and clinical radiology of the shoulder with a view to enabling the clinician to identify the most suitable treatment approach to different shoulder joint …

  • Color Atlas of Human Anatomy Volume 2

    Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Volume 2
    Helga Fritsch, Wolfgang Kuehnel

    This classic work — now enhanced with many new and improved drawings — makes the task of mastering this vast body of information easier and less daunting with its many user-friendly features:Features: Hundreds of outstanding full-color …

  • Vascular Diagnosis with Ultrasound

    Vascular Diagnosis with Ultrasound
    Michael Hennerici, Doris Neuerburg-Heusler

    Covering the entire venous & body circulation as examined by vascular ultrasound, this unique text/atlas is invaluable for diagnosing arterial & venous disease.

  • Gender Differences in Metabolism

    Gender Differences in Metabolism
    Mark Tarnopolsky

    This volume explores recent scientific evidence that male and female athletes exhibit different metabolic responses and, therefore, differ in their nutritional needs and advice.

  • Sistema Musculoesquelà tico Volume 6 Parte I

    Sistema Musculoesquel̩tico РVolume 6 РParte I
    Richard Parker, Joseph P Iannotti

    Chegou Coleção Netter de Ilustrações Médicas: Sistema Musculoesquelético 2a Edição.

  • Classic Human Anatomy in Motion

    Classic Human Anatomy in Motion
    Valerie L. Winslow

    This essential companion book to the bestselling Classic Human Anatomy provides artists and art students with a deeper understanding of human anatomy and different types of motion, inspiring more realistic and energetic figurative art.

  • Clinical Anatomy of the Face for Filler and Botulinum Toxin Injection

    Clinical Anatomy of the Face for Filler and Botulinum Toxin Injection
    Hee-Jin KIM, Kyle K Seo, Hong-Ki Lee, Jisoo Kim

    This book, containing more than 200 cadaveric photos and 200 illustrations, aims to familiarize physicians practicing botulinum toxin type A (BoT-A) and filler injection with the anatomy of the facial mimetic muscles, vessels, and soft …

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