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  • Ultrasound in Gynecology

    Ultrasound in Gynecology
    Mala Sibal

    This atlas and guide book is focused on gynecological ultrasound, an area that has remained in the shadow of obstetric ultrasound & fetal medicine.

  • Advanced Hypnotherapy

    Advanced Hypnotherapy
    John Goodrich Watkins, Arreed F. Barabasz

    This book focuses on tested hypnoanalytic techniques, with step-by-step procedures for integrating hypnosis into psychoanalytic processes.

  • Technology Curriculum and Professional Development

    Technology, Curriculum, and Professional Development
    John Woodward, Larry Cuban

    The authors examine current technology usage for students with disabilities and the successes and obstacles for special education technology implementation.

  • Administrative Medical Assisting

    Administrative Medical Assisting
    Marilyn Fordney, Linda French, Joan Follis

    Patient education, legal responsibilities, compliance with HIPAA, and critical thinking scenarios are integrated throughout the book.

  • Standards in Pancreatic Surgery

    Standards in Pancreatic Surgery
    H.G. Beger, M. Büchler, P. Malfertheiner

    This book deals with all aspects of surgery of the pancreas. The leading authorities from all over the world have contributed to this volume. Surgery of acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic malignancies is demonstrated.

  • Aandoeningen van het bewegingsapparaat

    Aandoeningen van het bewegingsapparaat
    J.M.A. Mens, A.N. de Wolf

    Dit boek is het vervolg op Onderzoek van het bewegingsapparaat: fysische diagnostiek in de algemene praktijk van dezelfde auteurs.

  • Hypnotherapy Explained

    Hypnotherapy Explained
    Assen Alladin

    This concise guide provides readers with a rich source of ideas on starting hypnotherapy practice, and thinking seriously about hypnosis as a powerful adjunct to psychotherapy and medical interventions.

  • Learning Radiology

    Learning Radiology
    William Herring

    Skilled radiology teacher William Herring, MD, masterfully covers exactly what you need to know to effectively interpret medical images of all modalities.

  • Neurophysiologische Behandlung bei Erwachsenen

    Neurophysiologische Behandlung bei Erwachsenen
    Karl-Michael Haus

    Den Alltag trainieren – den Alltag meistern … ist in der Neurophysiologie Weg und Ziel für neurologisch betroffene Patienten, die Alltagsfähigkeiten durch eine Hemiplegie verloren haben.

  • Introduction to Splinting

    Introduction to Splinting
    Brenda M. Coppard, Helene Lohman

    Helps readers master the basic theory, principles, and techniques of splinting needed for clinical practice.

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