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  • Strategic Health Planning

    Strategic Health Planning
    Allen D. Spiegel, Herbert H. Hyman

    This book is developed around a rational planning process of six steps required to develop a strategic plan for health services.

  • Lean Led Hospital Design

    Lean-Led Hospital Design
    Naida Grunden, Charles Hagood

    Check out a video of the authors discussing their book, Lean-Led Hospital Design at the 2012 Med Assets Healthcare Business Summit.

  • Bildverarbeitung fĂ r die Medizin 2002

    Bildverarbeitung fĂĽr die Medizin 2002
    Monika Meiler, Dietmar Saupe, Frithjof Kruggel, Heinz Handels, Thomas Lehmann

    In den letzten Jahren hat sich der Workshop "Bildverarbeitung fA1/4r die Medizin" durch erfolgreiche Veranstaltungen etabliert.

  • Gli scenari della sanitĂ

    Gli scenari della sanitĂ 
    Cesare Cislaghi

  • Medical Records Review and Analysis

    Medical Records Review and Analysis
    Charles C. Sharpe

    An introduction and reference to the basic legal principles of obtaining, reviewing, interpreting, and understanding the documents in a typical medical record.

  • Benchmarking for Hospitals

    Benchmarking for Hospitals
    Victor E. Sower, Jo Ann Duffy, Gerald Kohers

    This book is about benchmarking in hospitals-identifying and learning how best-in-class hospitals achieved excellence.

  • Chancen fĂ r das deutsche Gesundheitssystem

    Chancen fĂĽr das deutsche Gesundheitssystem
    Michael E. Porter, Clemens Guth

    Die Kosten im deutschen Gesundheitssystem steigen, zugleich werden Qualitätsprobleme immer offensichtlicher – trotz aller Reformbemühungen.

  • Actionable Intelligence in Healthcare

    Actionable Intelligence in Healthcare
    Jay Liebowitz, Amanda Dawson

    This book shows healthcare professionals how to turn data points into meaningful knowledge upon which they can take effective action.

  • Risk Management in Health Care Institutions A Strategic Approach

    Risk Management in Health Care Institutions: A Strategic Approach
    Florence Kavaler, Allen D. Spiegel

    Risk Management in Health Care Institutions: A Strategic Approach offers governing boards, chief executive officers, administrators, and health profession students the opportunity to organize and devise a successful risk management program.

  • Family Medicine

    Family Medicine
    Michael Kidd, Iona Heath, Amanda Howe

    This unique volume will serve as an inspiration to current family doctors and family medicine researchers and educators, as well as to doctors in training, medical students and emerging researchers in family medicine.

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