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  • Mind of Winter

    Mind of Winter
    William W. Bevis

    Bevis addresses the most puzzling and least studied aspect of Wallace Stevens’ poetry: detachment.

  • Reconnecting with John Muir

    Reconnecting with John Muir
    Terry Gifford

    Advancing for the first time the concept of "post-pastoral practice," Reconnecting with John Muir springs from Terry Gifford's understanding of the great naturalist as an exemplar of integrated, environmentally conscious knowing and writing …

  • Yet Being Someone Other

    Yet Being Someone Other
    Laurens Van Der Post

    Yet Being Someone Other is the most revealing book that Laurens van der Post wrote about his extraordinary and eventful life, and the most far-reaching; it is a distillation of the experiences that have moved him at the deepest level of the …

  • Using Poetry Across the Curriculum

    Using Poetry Across the Curriculum
    Barbara Chatton

    Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, k, p, e, i, t.

  • Demosthenes the Orator

    Demosthenes the Orator
    Douglas M. MacDowell

    In the most comprehensive account available of the texts of Demosthenes, Douglas M. MacDowell describes and assesses all of the great orator's speeches, including those for the lawcourts as well as the addresses to the Ekklesia.

  • Arena Two

    Arena Two
    Stuart Christie

    Tapping into the rich seam of anarchist and libertarian currents in noir fiction, this collection of essays explores fictional atmospheres that are dark and sinister—but not without hope.

  • Revolutions Watersheds

    Revolutions & Watersheds
    W. M. Verhoeven, Beth Dolan Kautz

    In this collection of interdisciplinary essays, historians and literary critics from both sides of the Atlantic analyze a broad spectrum of the watersheds and faultlines that arose in this formative era of Euro-American relations.

  • The French Riviera

    The French Riviera
    Ted Jones

    The French Riviera offers a literary tour of the region, covering the lives and work of all the writers who found inspiration there–from Graham Greene and W. Somerset Maugham who spent their lives there, through those writers whose work it …

  • Language Machines

    Language Machines
    Jeffrey Masten

    In these essays new technologies do not simply replace, but rather draw upon, absorb, displace and resituate earlier technologies. Language is now and always has been produced by a variety of machines.

  • Sagas and Myths of the Northmen

    Sagas and Myths of the Northmen
    Jesse L Byock

    In a land of ice, great warriors search for glory.

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