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  • Arena Two

    Arena Two
    Stuart Christie

    Tapping into the rich seam of anarchist and libertarian currents in noir fiction, this collection of essays explores fictional atmospheres that are dark and sinister—but not without hope.

  • Aristophanes and the Cloak of Comedy

    Aristophanes and the Cloak of Comedy
    Mario Telò

    In this groundbreaking book, situated within the affective turn in the humanities, Mario Telò explores a vital yet understudied question: how did this view of Aristophanes arise, and why did his popularity eventually eclipse that of his …

  • New Literary Papyri from the Michigan Collection

    New Literary Papyri from the Michigan Collection
    Cassandra Borges, C. Michael Sampson

    Three new fragments from amongst the oldest Greek papyri

  • A Known Scribbler

    A Known Scribbler
    Frances Burney

    In addition to Burney's letters and journal entries, this Broadview edition includes: selections from Burney's Brief Reflections relative to the Emigrant French Clergy (1793) and Memoirs of Doctor Burney (1832); letters by family and …

  • A Casebook on The Stand

    A Casebook on The Stand
    Anthony Magistrale

    Essays written on Stephen King's The Stand. "

  • A M Klein

    A.M. Klein
    Abraham Moses Klein, Elizabeth A. Popham

    In the final volume of the Collected Works of A.M. Klein, Elizabeth Popham completes the process of restoring the public voice of one of Canada's most respected authors.

  • Divided Empire

    Divided Empire
    Robert Thomas Fallon

    Fallon argues that Paradise Lost is not a political testament, however, and to read its lines as a critique of allegiances and ideologies outside the work is limit the range and scope of critical inquiry and to miss the larger purpose of …

  • A Few Acres of Snow

    A Few Acres of Snow
    Paul Simpson-Housley, Glen Norcliffe

    "Sense of place" is clearly critical in the works examined in this volume.

  • Another Freedom

    Another Freedom
    Svetlana Boym

    By offering a fresh look at the strange history of this idea, Another Freedom delivers a nuanced portrait of freedom's unpredictable occurrences and unexplored plots, one whose repercussions will be felt well into the future.

  • Loyal Subjects

    Loyal Subjects
    Elizabeth Duquette

    Loyal Subjects considers how the Civil War complicated the cultural value of emotion, especially the ideal of sympathy.

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