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  • Simboli e questioni

    Simboli e questioni
    Annarita Angelini

  • Lied im deutschen Mittelalter

    Lied im deutschen Mittelalter
    Cyril Edwards, Ernst Hellgardt, Norbert H. Ott

    Nicht nur der deutsche Minnesang, sondern ebenso geistliches Lied und historisches Volkslied, Spruchdichtung und frühneuzeitliches Gesellschaftslied standen im Zentrum des 12. Anglo-Deutschen Colloquiums, das vom 10. bis 14.

  • Oratio de provinciis consularibus Oratio pro L Cornelio Balbo

    Oratio de provinciis consularibus. Oratio pro L. Cornelio Balbo
    Tadeusz Maslowski

    This text is based on an examination of the extant manuscripts and an evaluation of the textual studies which have appeared since the last edition in the Bibliotheca Teubneriana series, that of A. Klotz (1916).

  • Praxagoras of Cos on Arteries Pulse and Pneuma

    Praxagoras of Cos on Arteries, Pulse and Pneuma
    Orly Lewis

    This study offers an edition and fresh analysis of the fragmentary evidence for the views of Praxagoras of Cos (4th-3rd c.

  • Hesiodi Theogonia Opera et dies Scutum

    Hesiodi Theogonia ; Opera et dies ; Scutum
    Hesiod, Reinhold Merkelbach

    In this new and third edition, the additional fragments contained in the appendix of the second edition have been incorporated in the main text.

  • Kallimachos

    Rudolf Blum

    Rudolf Blum’s landmark study, originally published in German in 1977, argues that Kallimachos of Kyrene was not only the second director of the Alexandrian library but also the inventor of two essential scholarly tools still in use to …

  • Homer Odyssey Books 6 8

    Homer: Odyssey, Books 6-8
    Homer, A. F. Garvie

    This edition of the "Odyssey", books VI-VIII forms an introduction to Homer for students of Greek. The commentary aims especially to provide guidance on questions of literary and narrative technique and poetic artistry

  • Caesar s Civil War

    Caesar’s Civil War
    William W. Batstone, Cynthia Damon

    Caesar's Civil War, the story of the general's contest with the Pompeian party through nineteen months of civil war, is an unfinished masterpiece.

  • Literatur und Religion 2

    Literatur und Religion, 2
    Anton Bierl, Rebecca Lämmle, Katharina Wesselmann

    Mythisch-rituelle Strukturen im Text (Castelen-Augst bei Basel, 16.-20.03.2005) und zwei zusätzliche Aufsätze. Zugleich bilden die beiden Volumina den Auftakt der neuen Basler altertumswissenschaftlichen Reihe MythosEikonPoiesis.

  • Nicephori Basilacae orationes et epistolae

    Nicephori Basilacae orationes et epistolae
    Nicephorus Basilaca

    Nicephori Basilacae orationes et epistolae.

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