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  • See You in Court

    See You in Court
    Lynn Davis

    'See You In Court' answers questions frequently asked by social workers in real cases, and gives information on court structures, basic rules of evidence, the roles of those involved in the proceedings, and court etiquette.

  • The Straight Truth

    The Straight Truth
    William Gulya

    Have you been wondering how to turn your experience and expertise into a lucrative and rewarding second career? This book is for everyone seeking The Straight Truth about the highly rewarding, high-stakes world of the expert witness.

  • Closest to the Fire

    Closest to the Fire
    Karen A. Wyle

    This guide will help writers explore these many story possibilities, while avoiding the pitfalls awaiting the unwary.

  • The Witnesses

    The Witnesses
    Eric Stover

    The first study of victims and witnesses who have testified before an international war crimes tribunal, The Witnesses examines the opinions and attitudes of eighty-seven individuals—Bosnians, Muslims, Serbs, and Croats—who have …

  • Boundaries of Loyalty

    Boundaries of Loyalty
    Saul J. Berman

    This book surveys the Jewish Law of testimony as presented in the Talmud and its boundaries on loyalty in non-Jewish courts.

  • Examining Witnesses

    Examining Witnesses
    Michael E. Tigar

    Updated and expanded, this 2nd edition provides the theory, techniques, and strategy guidance needed to use witnesses effectively in trial.

  • La giusta parte Testimoni e storie dell antimafia

    La giusta parte. Testimoni e storie dell’antimafia
    AA. VV.

    Mantenere la schiena dritta, costi quel che costi: non un atto di coraggio, ma un atto d’amore verso la propria dignità e verso la comunità di cui si è parte.

  • Framed

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    In this revised edition, which includes developments following the Connecticut Supreme Court decision, Kennedy chronicles how Skakel was railroaded amidst a media frenzy and a colorful cast of characters—from a crooked cop and a …

  • Financial Expert Witness Communication

    Financial Expert Witness Communication
    Bradley J. Preber

    But in this book, Financial Expert Witness Communication, he has simply hit it out of the ballpark … in other words, rephrasing only slightly, read this book, and I guarantee you shall Witness Communication by a Financial Expert!

  • Preparing Witnesses

    Preparing Witnesses
    Daniel I. Small

    This new book has been expanded with over 10 new chapters including The Party Witness, The Expert Witness, The Physician as Witness and the Criminal Defendant.

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