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  • The Trial

    The Trial
    Sadakat Kadri

    For as long as accuser and accused have faced each other in public, criminal trials have been establishing far more than who did what to whom–and in this fascinating book, Sadakat Kadri surveys four thousand years of courtroom drama.

  • Trial Techniques and Trials

    Trial Techniques and Trials
    Thomas A. Mauet

    By far the most thorough and detailed of the books in the field, Trial Techniques and Trials, Tenth Edition is a comprehensive yet concise handbook that covers all aspects of the trial process and provides excellent examples illustrating …

  • Nothing But the Truth

    Nothing But the Truth
    Steven Lubet

    To illustrate the various challenges, benefits, and complexities of storytelling, Lubet elaborates the stories of six different trials.

  • The Jury Rules

    The Jury Rules
    Trey Cox, James M. Stanton

    They conducted 60 in-depth individual juror interviews and filmed over 25 hours of video footage to put together ten rules that all jurors want every trial lawyer to know and use. if you are interested in improving your courtroom …

  • Modern Litigation and Professional Responsibility Handbook

    Modern Litigation and Professional Responsibility Handbook
    William H. Fortune, Richard H. Underwood, Edward J. Imwinkelried

    Find practical answers to hard questions about professional conduct — and avoid wrong answers that could set back your firm — with this authoritative guide to legal ethics.

  • A Student s Guide to Trial Objections

    A Student’s Guide to Trial Objections
    Charles Gibbons

    This guide is a quick reference to the various ways in which the courts have translated the text of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

  • Mal faire dire vrai

    Mal faire, dire vrai
    Michel Foucault, Fabienne Brion, Bernard E. Harcourt

    "Dans ces leçons données à Louvain, Michel Foucault réexamine les racines de la justice pénale. Édité avec érudition et avec verve, ce volume constitue un complément important des publications posthumes de Foucault." Colin Gordon

  • Courts and Trials

    Courts and Trials
    Christopher E. Smith

    A collective overview of contemporary developments affecting court organization and judicial procedures. * Covers key historical people and events throughout U.S. jurisprudence history * Documents and tables include excerpts from relevant …

  • O Novo Processo Civil Os Princ pios Estruturantes

    O Novo Processo Civil – Os Princípios Estruturantes
    Fernando Pereira Rodrigues

    O novo modelo do processo civil, introduzido pela Lei n.o 41/2013, de 26 de junho, mais simples, flexível e menos formal, persevera, contudo, na sua estrutura à roda de um conjunto de princípios, alguns de longa tradição no direito e …

  • Serial Killer omicidi seriali rilievi investigativi e quadri psichiatrico forensi

    Serial Killer, omicidi seriali: rilievi investigativi e quadri psichiatrico-forensi
    Antonio Greco

    Serial killer: capace di intendere e di volere Autore: Avv. Antonio Greco, iscritto presso l’Ordine degli Avvocati di Matera.

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