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  • The Unsustainable Costs of Partial Deregulation

    The Unsustainable Costs of Partial Deregulation
    Paul W. MacAvoy

    The book draws on Giamatti's numerous writings and speeches to illuminate the character and complexities of the man and to understand the values that motivated his leadership.

  • The Adoption of New Smart Grid Technologies

    The Adoption of New Smart-Grid Technologies
    Christopher Guo, Craig A. Bond, Anu Narayanan

    RAND Corporation researchers review the current technical, regulatory, and economic context of the electricity market and theoretical benefits of developing a smart grid; discuss some entrepreneurial opportunities associated with smart-grid …

  • Utility Security

    Utility Security
    Karl A. Seger

    Included in the book are threat assessment and security checklists, as well as a vulnerability/countermeasure matrix and sample security and workplace violence prevention policies.

  • Water Marketing the Next Generation

    Water Marketing, the Next Generation
    Terry Lee Anderson, Peter Jensen Hill

    This volume offers insightful public policy alternatives to water marketing that will stimulate a rethinking of traditional policies.

  • Natural Power

    Natural Power
    Rock Brynner

  • Colorado Water Law for Non Lawyers

    Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers
    P. Andrew Jones, Tom Cech

    This book will appeal to at students, non-lawyers involved with water issues, and general readers interested in Colorado’s complex water rights law.

  • Law and the Regulators

    Law and the Regulators
    Tony Prosser

    This book will, for the first time, offer a comprehensive analysis of the legal duties which apply to the regulators of privatized industries, transport, civil aviation and independent television in the United Kingdom, with detailed …

  • RGIE


    Par ailleurs, le RGIE doit pouvoir être consulté par le personnel (art. 268-4 du RGIE) et mis à la disposition des personnes travaillant sur les installations électriques (art. 268-5 du RGIE).

  • The Issues and Challenges of Reducing Non Revenue Water

    The Issues and Challenges of Reducing Non-Revenue Water
    Rudolf Frauendorfer, Roland Liemberger

    It is, to a large extent, based on the work of the Water Loss Specialist Group of the International Water Association in the last decade, and is amply complemented by the authors' practical experiences in Asia and in other countries around …

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    Жилищно-коммунальное хозяйство. Вся правда о том, как нас обманывают
    Нариньяни А.

    Махинации в жилищно-коммунальной сфере достигли в нашей стране небывалых масштабов. Десятилетиями мы оплачиваем услуги по …

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