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  • Land Conservation Financing

    Land Conservation Financing
    Mike McQueen, Edward T. McMahon

    The book concludes with an examination of the emerging concept of green infrastructure — a strategic approach to conservation that involves planning and managing a network of parks, natural areas, greenways, and working lands that can help …

  • Property And Politics In Sabah Malaysia

    Property And Politics In Sabah, Malaysia
    Amity A. Doolittle

    This very welcome book offers important insights into the logic of development in Malaysia, as well as its impact on local struggles for land rights.

  • Landmark Cases in Land Law

    Landmark Cases in Land Law
    Nigel Gravells

    The eleven cases in this volume cover the period 1834 to 2011, although, interestingly, no fewer than six of the cases were decided or reported in the 1980s. The names of the selected cases will be familiar to property lawyers.

  • Critical Urban Theory Common Property and  the Political

    Critical Urban Theory, Common Property, and “the Political”
    Dan Webb

    The answer is to be found in what Webb calls the "properly political" approach to understanding political conflict as developed in the work of thinkers like Chantal Mouffe, Jodi Dean, and Slavoj Žižek.

  • Riforma del condominio Primo commento alla legge 11 dicembre Issue 220

    Riforma del condominio. Primo commento alla legge 11 dicembre …, Issue 220
    Alberto Celeste, Antonio Scarpa

  • Q A Land Law 2011 2012

    Q&A Land Law 2011-2012
    Martin Dixon, Gerwyn Griffiths

    Routledge Q&As give you the ideal opportunity to practice and refine your exam technique, helping you to apply your knowledge most effectively in an exam situation.

  • Ancient Rights and Future Comfort

    Ancient Rights and Future Comfort
    Peter Robb

    This book analyses the character of British rule in nineteenth-century India, by focusing on the underlying ideas and the practical repercussions of agrarian policy.

  • Modern Land Law

    Modern Land Law
    Martin Dixon

    This 9th edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to take into account key developments in the law in the light of the Law Commission’s recommendations on easements and covenants, as well as the increased impact of the HRA 1998 on …

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    Современные проблемы реализации земельного и экологического права
    Коллектив авторов

    Cборник включает статьи и доклады ученых и практических работников в сфере охраны окружающей среды и использования природных …

  • Land Law in Nigeria

    Land Law in Nigeria
    Adefi M. Olong

    This study, in nineteen chapters, deals with the various issues pertaining to land law in Nigeria.

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