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  • Germs Biological Warfare Vaccinations

    Germs, Biological Warfare, Vaccinations
    Gary Null, James Feast

    In response to deepening concerns of the threat of germ warfare and bioterrorism, this is the first book to discuss traditional methods of combating germ warfare while also offering simple, natural alternative approaches to preventing and …

  • Governing Security

    Governing Security
    Clifford D. Shearing, Les Johnston

    This book traces the nature of these governmental changes by looking at security.

  • Safety in Museums and Galleries

    Safety in Museums and Galleries
    F. Howie

    The final section covers access to health and safety information and approaches to safety training by professional organizations. This book will be of interest to museum curators and others interested in museum safety.

  • How Not to Die

    How Not to Die
    Jan Garavaglia, M.D.

    Thousands of people make an early exit each year and arrive on medical examiner Jan Garavaglia’s table. What is particularly sad about this is that many of these deaths could easily have been prevented.

  • Hair Loss

    Hair Loss
    Jordi B.

    It's the ultimate go-to guide. – Curtis Bunn, founder of the National Book Club conference and bestselling author

  • Dating 911

    Dating 911
    Dennis Nagy, Chief Dennis Nagy (Ret)

    Written by a career police chief, it offers solid tips on what to do-and what not to do, when meeting someone online. If you, or anyone you know, is involved in computer match making-THIS IS THE BOOK TO READ.

  • Surviving Your Doctors

    Surviving Your Doctors
    Richard S. Klein

    Filled with real stories of medical mishaps, anecdotes, and checklists, this book will walk readers through major areas of the medical world – from the doctor's office to the pharmacy, from the laboratory to the ER – giving them a clearer …

  • Parties Dorms and Social Norms

    Parties, Dorms and Social Norms
    Lisa M. Meeks, Tracy Loye Masterson

    This handbook is filled with the information that young people with ASD say they want (and need) to know about alcohol and drugs, social media and online safety, relationship types and boundaries, safe sex, stress and emotional health, and …

  • A Guide to Improvised Weaponry

    A Guide to Improvised Weaponry
    Terry Schappert, Adam Slutsky

    "Shows readers how to defend themselves in any situation and how to turn any item into a potentially life-saving weapon"–

  • Human Factors and Behavioural Safety

    Human Factors and Behavioural Safety
    Jeremy W. Stranks

    Human Factors and Behavioural Safety is not written for psychologists, but instead gives health and safety professionals and students a broad overview of human factors and those aspects of human behaviour which have a direct effect on …

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