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  • Ask Dr Blackjack

    Ask Dr. Blackjack
    Sam Barrington

    I just wish I would have found this book sooner". Greg Pumphrey – Architect "This book was extremely helpful in advancing my Blackjack winnings but the inside stories about the Casino activity is what made the book".

  • Jackpot Nation

    Jackpot Nation
    Richard Hoffer

    If there's not a casino around the corner, there's one on your laptop computer. In Jackpot Nation, Richard Hoffer takes us on a headlong tour, alternately horrifying and hilarious, across our landscape of luck.

  • Game of My Life Penn Sate Nittany Lions

    Game of My Life Penn Sate Nittany Lions
    Jordan Hyman

    In this newly updated edition, Penn State alum Jordan Hyman asks over twenty of the school’s greatest football legends to share their favorite memories and most poignant moments while wearing the white and blue.

  • Simply Craps

    Simply Craps
    Daniel Vroman

    The goal of this book is to provide the reader with an understanding of a game that is often times intimidating to non-players and mystifying to experienced players.

  • 21 Bringing Down the House

    21 Bringing Down the House
    Ben Mezrich

    Recounts the story of how a notorious gang of MIT blackjack savants devised and received backing for a system for winning at the world's most sophisticated casinos, an endeavor that earned them more than three million dollars.

  • Cricketing Cultures in Conflict

    Cricketing Cultures in Conflict
    Boria Majumdar, J A Mangan

    Dealing with themes of racial/political unification, commercialization, the media and globalisation, this book explores the role of cricket and sport in each of the competing nations.

  • Zen and the Successful Horseplayer

    Zen and the Successful Horseplayer
    Frederic Donner

    This book will also demonstrate the applicability of Zen and Eastern philosophy to handicapping, betting, and winning. • Learn the basic handicapping skills • Learn to be centered in your wagering • Learn when you must trust your …

  • Lessons from the Felt

    Lessons from the Felt
    David Apostolico

    Filled with insights gleaned from his many years on the circuit, David Apostolico uses real-life examples to highlight the processes involved in making correct decisions but with the added variety of environments.

  • You Bet Your Life

    You Bet Your Life
    Neil David Isaacs

    A sports historian and social worker takes on America's multi-billion-dollar gambling industry, showing how habitual gambling leads to compulsive gambling for millions of Americans.

  • Casino Gambling

    Casino Gambling
    J. Edward Crowder

    This is primarily a "How To" book: How to keep from losing your shirt, How to avoid crime and cheating, How to get your share of the billion or so dollars casinos give to gamblers each year, and How to play the most generous casino games.

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