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  • The Madness of March

    The Madness of March
    Alan Jay Zaremba

    This book immerses readers in that action.

  • Winning Golf and Poker s Mind Game

    Winning Golf and Poker’s Mind Game
    John Gallagher

    However, the contents of Book 1 (golf) and Book 2 (poker) details and demonstrates that both are similar in many ways with the most important element being the sharing of mental attributes essential for initial and on-going consistent …

  • 21 Bringing Down the House

    21 Bringing Down the House
    Ben Mezrich

    Recounts the story of how a notorious gang of MIT blackjack savants devised and received backing for a system for winning at the world's most sophisticated casinos, an endeavor that earned them more than three million dollars.

  • GĂ ncziSTEM I Lottery system book

    GöncziSTEM I. Lottery system-book
    Jozsef Gonczi

    Gambling is all about math. This informative book offers numerous variations on mathematical schemes that gamblers can use to better their chances of winning in different forms of gaming.

  • Sport Leisure and Ergonomics

    Sport, Leisure and Ergonomics
    Greg Atkinson, Thomas Reilly

    This book forms the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sport, Leisure and Ergonomics, providing a particular focus on disabled athletes, health and fitness educations and sports equipment.

  • Manny RamĂ rez

    Manny RamÍrez
    EPUB 2-3

    Examines the career of baseball star Manny Ramirez, and discusses his role in the 2004 World Series contest between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.

  • The Nature and Uses of Lotteries

    The Nature and Uses of Lotteries
    Thomas Gataker

    The text of this edition has been fully modernised, with notes on important sources used by Gataker and includes a new introduction.

  • Cricketing Cultures in Conflict

    Cricketing Cultures in Conflict
    Boria Majumdar, J A Mangan

    Dealing with themes of racial/political unification, commercialization, the media and globalisation, this book explores the role of cricket and sport in each of the competing nations.

  • The Sequence of the California Super Lotto Plus Volume 1 From Volume 1

    The Sequence of the California Super Lotto Plus Volume 1: From …, Volume 1
    Jonathan Moreno

    This book allows the user to gain an upper hand in foreseeing the future jackpot number using a hunch or hidden knowledge. Another way the user could use these volumes is playing in a group.

  • Secrets of Winning Slots

    Secrets of Winning Slots
    Avery Cardoza

    The most complete book on beating the slots ever written not only shows players how to get comps galore, including cash rebates, but also presents more than twenty actual winning strategies, many for the first time ever!

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