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  • Devenez Pro sur FIFA 15

    Devenez Pro sur FIFA 15
    Bruce Grannec

    Dans le guide 'Devenez Pro sur FIFA 15', vous découvrirez : • Comment reproduire le style de jeu de Bruce 'Spank' Grannec, • Tous les paramètres à prendre en compte pour faire de chacun de vos tirs un but, • Tous les secrets …

  • BattlePlan Magazine

    BattlePlan Magazine
    Decision Games, Past Into Print Publishing

    , Squad Leader, Advanced Squad Leader, Up Front, and many other games. The periodical lasted nine issues, before it was folded into the Wargamer, Volume 2 periodical.

  • BRIDGE From A to Z

    BRIDGE – From A to Z

    Or they may “fix” you. These are things over which we have little or no control. Conversely, there are things over which we do have control. And these are the things I have emphasized in this book.

  • Chess Lists 2d ed

    Chess Lists, 2d ed.
    Andy Soltis

    The new edition contains 25 percent more lists, games, diagrams and annotations. The majority of lists from the first edition have been updated or expanded–or both.

  • Loter a


    Pairs riddles in English and Spanish with a set of cards for the Mexican board game known as "Loterâia" designed by a contemporary Mexican American artist.

  • Gender Age and Digital Games in the Domestic Context

    Gender, Age, and Digital Games in the Domestic Context
    Alison Harvey

    This book is the first study to provide a situated investigation of the site of family play— the shared spaces and private places of gameplay within the domestic sphere.

  • Everything Scrabble

    Everything Scrabble
    Joe Edley, John D. Williams, Jr., John Williams

    A guide for improving Scrabble skills discusses how to maximize scores with bonus squares, make more seven-letter plays, and increase scoring average using two-letter words, and includes a step-by-step guide to board strategy.

  • The Boardgamer Volume 7

    The Boardgamer Volume 7
    Bruce A. Monnin

    The contents of this volume consists of: Color War In Gangsters – Strategies of Tournament Champions New Optional Rules For Gangsters – Bombs, Shootouts & Cops BOARDGAMER’s Special Panzerblitz Issue – Errata Blackbeard PBeM Series Replay …

  • Grome Terrain Modeling with Ogre3D UDK and Unity3D

    Grome Terrain Modeling with Ogre3D, UDK, and Unity3D
    Richard A. Hawley

    This book is a practical guide with examples and clear steps to explain terrain modeling with Grome.If you're a developer or artist looking for a guide to walk you through GROME 3.1, then this book is for you.

  • Los videojuegos

    Los videojuegos
    Adriana Gil Juárez, Tere Vida Mombiela

    Los videojuegos, juguetes y tecnologías a la vez, son fascinantes por partida doble. Aprender sobre videojuegos es aprender sobre el mundo actual y sobre nuestra reacción ante él. Esta es una invitación para aprender algo sobre ellos.

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