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  • Japan s Capitalism

    Japan’s Capitalism
    Shigeto Tsuru

    An authoritative account of Japan's economic resconstruction after World War II.

  • Verschuldungskrise Argentinien Ursachen und LĂ sungen Beispiele fĂ r kĂ nftige LĂ nderkrisen

    Verschuldungskrise Argentinien – Ursachen und Lösungen – Beispiele fĂĽr kĂĽnftige Länderkrisen?
    Gunnar Halden

    Argentinien durchlebte 2002 die schwerste Krise der vergangenen 50 Jahre.

  • Balance of Payments Exchange Rates and Competitiveness in Transition Economies

    Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates, and Competitiveness in Transition Economies
    Mario I. Blejer, Marko Skreb

    This book is a collection of studies dealing with the different issues related to the liberalization of external relations in economies moving from a socialist to a market-based system The focus is on external sector developments, and the …

  • Educational Administration and History

    Educational Administration and History
    Tanya Fitzgerald, Helen Gunter

    In the past 40 years there have been a number of significant developments across the fields of educational administration and history. In this volume, the authors have selected a number of key issues to illustrate and trace these changes.

  • The Power of Entrepreneurs

    The Power of Entrepreneurs
    Mercedes Cabrera, Fernando del Rey Reguillo

    This book, the first of its kind, offers a long-term view and analyzes this ever-changing relationship throughout the 20th century with its various upheavals such as the crisis of the democratic republic and the civil war in the 1930s, the …

  • Microeconomic Analysis Routledge Revivals

    Microeconomic Analysis (Routledge Revivals)
    David Currie, David Peel, Will Peters

    First published in 1981, this book brings together a collection of essays on microeconomics and development presented at the conference of the Association of University Teachers of Economics.

  • Between the Dollar Sterling Gold Points

    Between the Dollar-Sterling Gold Points
    Lawrence H. Officer

    This book investigates US-UK monetary relations, 1791 to 1931.

  • Good Taxes

    Good Taxes
    Alex C. Michalos

    A similar tax in North America could bring in billions of dollars, even if the tax were as low as 0.1%. In Good Taxes, Alex Michalos puts forth the argument in favour of a financial transactions tax.

  • Giallo

    Alfonso Borello

    When a handful of underground currency traders set up a chat room to make a few bucks, they underestimated the disastrous effect on Banks and countries as their currency spun out of control.

  • Whatever Happened to Class

    Whatever Happened to Class?
    Rina Agarwala, Ronald J. Herring

    In this volume, original empirical work investigates the contributions and limits of class analysis in understanding politics and allocative patterns of a globalizing South Asia, with suggestions for refining theory.

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