Frozen Blood

Frozen Blood
Both their lives are at risk and both wont come out unscathed.

When a girls night out turns into a nightmare, Harlow finds herself at the mercy of Loxley, a vampire prince who gets under her skin with little effort. As much as she wants to hate him, her attraction to him is difficult to ignore. Not to mention the allure of the supernatural society.

Loxley is used to always having things his way, so he has no idea how to handle the stubborn Harlow. She’s a lowly human who shouldn’t even breathe the same air as him, yet he cant seem to let her go. She’s a liabilty to the vampire society by knowing their secret, so thats enough of a reason to kill her. But can’t bring himself to do it.

As secrets reveal themselves, Harlow and Loxley will have to fight their way through betrayal and politics to come out alive. $2.99 on Kindle.
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