Gunner’s War

Gunner's War
His career, his home and his family was the SEAL team he served with. He is trained to protect and serve, to kill if necessary, and he is good at what he did.

So is she.

When they meet, more than sparks fly — something neither of them ever imagined happens and soon they are set upon a path that could lead to their doom or to a love they never dreamed of.

Which will it be? Dive in and find out.

Readers are raving…

“Wow, this is by far the most exciting book I’ve ever read. Both former military and both alphas. She trained the war dogs and assisted them home when they died in battle, just like any soldier would. There’s one part of the story brought tears to my eyes, the honor the war dog received. They work together to protect the Gray Wolves. Plus you meet some of the other characters from other books. Excellent read. HEA.”

“I absolutely loved reading Gunner’s War .

This story is outstanding . One of the best stories . I could not put it down . It pulled me right in . it ‘s so interesting and entertaining . The characters are unique and outstanding . This is an amazing story. Full of suspense and romance and so much more . I highly recommend taking the time to read .”

“I didn’t want it to end! So many aspects of this story drew me in and touched an interest in me. A very well developed storyline kept me engaged throughout the book and who wouldn’t love, Oakley, Gunner, and her wolf friends? I actually found myself slowing down my reading piece because I didn’t want the story to end!”

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