Secrets at the Cafe

Secrets at the Cafe
A deathbed promise. A missing diary. Can she find her loved ones message and fulfill a last wish?

Karina Walker is juggling an unexpected upheaval. Rushing to her dying grandmothers side, the grieving twenty-four-year-old agrees to move home, take over the old caf, and read a journal left behind. But she’s shocked to her core when the little red book disappears from view the moment she turns her back.

Building a list of suspects who may have overheard mention of a hidden stash of money, Karina teams up with her cousin and a former teacher to track down her inheritance. And while rumors run rampant around town, she discovers a buried secret that could change her forever

Can Karina confront her family’s past and build herself a new future?

Secrets at the Cafe is an unforgettable, page-turning domestic suspense. If you like determined heroines, dizzying plot twists, and breathtaking dramas, then you’ll adore Susan Specht Orams riveting read.

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