Free: Master Griffin: The Woods

Master Griffin : The Woods
An old prophecy that is yet to unfold. A Dark Master that remains undefeated. A young boy whose life will never be the same.

After living in the dark for most of his life, 15-year-old Griffin finally runs away from his abusive uncle with his cat, Spooky, and discovers the hollow earth after falling into a portal.

He meets the Eye who becomes his mentor, tells him his role in the old prophecy, and trains him how to use his powers and wield the sword of his ancestors.

But even with his training and preparations, Griffin realizes he cant fight the Dark Master alone until he meets Kane, Ben, Claw, and Max victims and survivors of the Dark Masters wrath.

Griffin understands that if theyre going to be a team, they need to trust each other first, but as they get to know each other, he immediately finds out that its easier said than done.

With the invasion drawing near, will the six heroes be able to set their differences aside and fight for each other? Or will they let their past and fear dictate the direction of their friendship?

And as everyone depends on Griffin to lead them to battle, Griffin starts questioning himself is this a battle they can win? Or is he leading everyone to their death?
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