Turkey Trot Trouble

Turkey Trot Trouble: A Short Romantic Cozy Mystery
Nothing good happens in the morning.

Case in point: the Turkey Trot 5K Race. For a night owl like Kenzie, the idea of dragging her bones out of bed to go running at the crack of dawn would typically be a nonstarter, especially on Thanksgiving Day. But her long-time best friend Blaise insisted, and the idea of disappointing him was even worse.

Trotting along with a bunch of cheerful folks in full-on turkey garb is bad enough. But when several runners collapse without explanation, Kenzie realizes she also has a mystery on her hands. As she and Blaise work together to track down whoever sabotaged the race, their relationship is called into question. She must uncover her true feelings for him—even if doing so ends up breaking his heart.

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