S’More Murder

S'More Murders
Jerria Danson isn’t an author. Tasked with preserving great-aunt Henrietta’s family stories, she reluctantly takes time from her busy life to attend a writer’s retreat in beautiful North Idaho. All she wants is peace and quiet to record the oral history for the family and maybe pick up a few writing tips along the way. Met with a happy surprise when she arrives, Jerria settles in for a productive, relaxing weekend.

Although the other writers have their own motives for being there, she quickly picks up on a sinister undercurrent. With her usual good humor and knack for seeing through situations, and knowing Things Are Not As They Appear To Be is a common plot thread in life as well as in writing, Jerria soon finds herself in danger. When the lines between fact and fiction blur, can she unravel the twisted plot threads before the idyllic weekend is marred by murder? $0.99 on Kindle.
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