Good Lord

Good Lord
What Do A Few Crooks, Prostitutes, And Grieving Parents All Have In Common?

They all discovered the goodness of Christ through life-changing encounters!

Journey through the New Testament Gospels and enjoy a verse-by-verse study of seventeen unique individuals whose lives were powerfully transformed by the Good Lord Jesus Christ.

Reading Good Lord will help you:

Learn More About The Biblical Jesus
See How Jesus Christ Changes Lives
Experience Your Personal Encounter With Christ

Clearly written and highly practical, Good Lord offers both the depth of biblical study and the breadth of real-life application.

You’ll enjoy reading about seventeen different people in the Gospels who met Jesus Christ up close and personal, people like a tax collector, a skeptic, a wealthy ruler, a religious fanatic—and more!

Each study contains a verse-by-verse treatment of the biblical text and concludes with a helpful “What About Your Encounter?” section with questions for further study and application.

You’re also invited to share your personal encounter with Christ on the Preaching Truth website!

Use in small groups or for individual and devotional study. Great for pastors, teachers, and any person interested in a faithful study of Gospel encounters with Jesus Christ! $0.99 on Kindle.
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