Empire of Love

When Collar World’s time monitors discover a new timeline, they quickly realize they need out-of-the-box thinking and they need it fast. A brutal Old West theocracy on the alternate timeline, the Empire of Luvala, is hanging slaves for little or no reason, and with horrifying frequency.

So naturally the call goes out to the Laguna Beach Ladies’ Investigation Bureau, i.e., Nitro Wilde and Moxie Maven. After all, they helped head off a crosstime war between Incel World and Collar World when their timelines intermingled. And all they’re asked to do is sit in a conference room in Collar World and help come up with ideas to end the murderous reign of the Luvalans on Earth 4 (the newly discovered timeline) as quickly and with as little violence as possible.

Given enough time, the Collar Worlders could probably end the hangings with no violence at all. But every day’s delay means more innocent slaves will be brutalized and hanged. The clock is ticking and the sound is the fall of bodies through a gallows door.

Unfortunately, there was more going on on Earth 4 than meets the eye, and soon Moxie is struggling for her life while the leadership on Collar World may decide to abandon Earth 4 and everyone on it in the face of the possible destruction of Collar World itself!

It’s another exciting alternate world adventure that will keep you riveted as lives and the fates of worlds hang in the balance, as well as the fate of one innocent native American.

This 75,000 word novel is part of the Incel World series that began with “The Visitor from Incel World” and continues with “The Love Invasion” and this novel. $2.99 on Kindle.
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