Free: Planetfall

Mankind is not alone – but his greatest journey has just begun.

The starship Cochise is forced down on the planet it was about to survey, plunging the crew into an alien world. Thrown into a first contact crisis, Commander Keyton is reliant on the Ashur, warrior horsemen of Hvar, and embarks on an epic journey to repair the broken starship.

The further he travels the deeper he is sucked into the violence, passion and intrigue that haunts this world. The longer his stay, the greater the demands placed on him to intercede, the greater his impossible attachment to the Ashur High Marshall’s daughter Adesina.

Meanwhile, other powers are loose on this planet and a brutal war breaks out that threatens to trap the crew forever. With his tech resources used or stripped away Keyton must break every first contact rule to survive. Demons, super warriors, prophecy, treachery and death awaits, as the crew stumble across the true origins of mankind.

An epic adventure that will take the crew to the edge of destruction and despair – Download Now to live the journey. Free on Kindle.
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