Crime and Pun-ishment

Crime and Punishment
Barry Lagger is a villain of the old school.
In 1996 he planned the crime of the century. Stealing the Sultan’s diamond from the world -famous Archibald gallery.
Unfortunately he got caught.

Twenty five years later and Lagger is up for parole. He’s desperate, his daughter is getting married and he simply has to be there. When parole is denied, Lagger knows he has to escape.

And so begins a desperate race to reach his daughter’s wedding in time. The problem is, somehow Lagger has got lost in the grounds of a stately home.

Alan Rose and his friends have been invited to a birthday party at a large country house. A house so large it has more bedrooms than Alan has had good gigs. Events take over and Alan, James and Frankie have to forgo the celebrations in order to help Lagger escape for the second time in a weekend.

Lagger has escaped from prison. How hard can it be to escape from a stately home. $4.04 on Kindle.
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