Free: The Last Variant

In 2024 the virus evolved. The doomsday variant, COVID-24, threatens President Gunner Harrison’s authoritarian grip as he campaigns for his third term in this explosive, mind-bending thriller from Jason James.

The charismatic but divisive President Harrison leads his devoted militia, The Patriots, to wage war against all who stand in the way of his continued reign. Senator Gabriela Garcia is Harrison’s young, astute, and tenacious rival candidate, but none of that matters when she’s infected with the last variant. Desperate, Senator Garcia takes the experimental Horus Vaccine as it’s rushed out to the world in a last-ditch effort to stop the spread of the fatal variant and rescue humanity from extinction.

The vaccine’s unexpected side effects expand her consciousness, radically transforming her perception of reality. Sixty percent of the vaccinated population experience the same mind-altering side effects as Senator Garcia. The remaining forty percent do not and develop a violent distrust toward the enlightened majority.

Will President Harrison’s haunting military past and his struggles with PTSD be his demise? Allied with a small circle of powerful influencers, will Senator Garcia be able to unseat the president and unite the fractured country, ushering in a new and enlightened era? One thing is certain—after the last variant, humanity will never be the same.
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