Free: Eldritch Nights

Eldritch Nights
Astronomy student Daphne Browning likes drinking coffee, playing pool and watching the stars above her seaside town of Treadwell. She also has a sea monster living beneath her room, one with sharp claws and far too many heads. Soon Daphne starts having nightmares and the “Dark Creature” beneath her room begins threatening to destroy the entire town and beyond – that is, unless she feeds it one boy a week.

The weeks fly by, and Daphne quickly finds herself becoming the most dangerous girl in town. Worse, her goth-obsessed housemate Megan is being visited by the ghosts of dead boys in the night. Turns out, Megan might just be The Chosen One. Daphne dreads the end of the week but this time, not just one person will die.
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