Free: A Brad Jacobs Thriller

Enjoy Amazon Best Selling Author Scott Conrad’s pulse-pounding Brad Jacobs Thriller Series!

“Action packed, fast-paced and full of rapid gunfire.” – Kindle Nation Daily

Fighting to save those he cares most about, retired Force Recon Marine Brad Jacobs blazes a trail of devastation through the wild rivers of Africa, rugged wilderness of Alaska, deepest jungles of the Amazon and beyond. Overflowing with so much breathtaking action, riveting suspense, and adventurous locations, you won’t be able to put it down.

Jacobs is a man with the look of self-confidence in his eyes. The kind of look that only comes from a core of inner strength. A core that is built from the courage of facing the toughest obstacles life can throw at you. He lives by a code and expects everyone else to do the same.

Ride along as Jacobs builds the world’s ultimate Special Forces Hostage Rescue Team to face off against the most cold-blooded terrorist groups who lurk in the darkest corners of the planet where traditional law enforcement fears to go. Free to $3.99 on Kindle.


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