Free: Hungry Gods

Hungry Gods
New costume? Check. Superhero mentor? Check. Government conspiracy to cover up the End of the World? Uh… check?

Luke Gillis is barely dragging himself through school. Who said community college was easy? Good thing he has a back-up plan: Crime-fighting superhero. Thrashing bank robbers is a lot more fun than analytic geometry.

First lesson for newbie superheroes: You’re not invincible. Second lesson: Neither are they.

Luke’s mentor is the Miracle Worker. Yes, that Miracle Worker. Okay, his record is iffy. Some say he’s more outlaw than hero, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Still, Luke must be doing something right. The U.S. Army has invited his alter ego—the dashing speedster Spitball—on a top-secret mission into America’s heartland. With the country’s premier superhero team missing-in-action, this could be his big break.

But if so, why is everyone trying to kill him…?

Rampaging monsters, vanished superheroes, and secret wars in the Midwest. What are Spitball’s chances of survival on his first day in the tights?

The Identity Crisis Universe (IDCU) takes the comic books you grew up on, gamma-irradiates them, and sets them loose upon the world!
• Book 1: Hungry Gods
• Book 2: Secret Origins
• Book 3: Deus Ex Machina. Free on Kindle.
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