Pride & Extreme Prejudice

Pride & Extreme Prejudice
PRIDE can be the downfall of many.

FBI Senior Special Agent Thompson had been trying to catch the paid assassin known as The Lion for many years. Now, as retirement looms, fueled by his sense of being outwitted at every turn by the killer, he takes drastic action, with unforeseen deadly consequences.

EXTREME PREJUDICE, a cryptic euphemism substituting the blunt reality of cold-blooded murder.

Army Intelligence Captain Bridget Mason has stumbled across a devastating secret, one that could easily get her killed. Covert Agent Kris is sent to try to keep her alive while they investigate who is selling out coalition troops in southern Afghanistan. However, Mason has her own way of doing things, yet the covert Special Operator Kris brings a new level of violence to her world. $0.99 on Kindle.

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