The Sorcerer’s Willful Wife (Book 2)

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The Sorcerer intends to mold me into the perfect wife–yeah, not very likely…

Just as I’ve finished my PhD, I am wedded and truly bedded to the Sorcerer. The old fashioned fellow demands my absolute submission both inside and out of the bedroom. As much as I would love to escape into his arms and throw away the key, there more at stake here than my libido.A nefarious plot against his long lost relatives needs sorting out we’ve got a marriage to establish, and our nuptial ball to plan–did I mention our wedding planner just happens to be a demon?

The Sorcerer’s Willful Wife is a sizzling hot paranormal romance with a feisty witch and a dangerously handsome sorcerer who takes her in hand. Filled with steamy scenes and laughter, this is the second book in the Love and Other Magic Series. $1.99 on Kindle.

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