Jewels of the Crown

Jewels of the Crown

As he led the king’s wagon train through the coastal muck of Norfolks eastern shore, Norman Gervase found himself engulfed by the tidal surge that swallowed up the entire caravan.

But he was unwavering in his dedication to the king, a principled man of faith, and loyal in his obligations.
So, when he realized that all would soon be gone forever, he acted with alacrity and removed the trunks containing the crown jewels and secured them to one of the sturdy draft horses to prevent their irretrievable loss.

That was just the beginning.

He did not know that this feat of selflessness would initiate a life-long journey into a world of thirteenth-century intrigue in his quest to preserve King Johns’s treasure.

Eight hundred years later, the organization that Gervase had founded, the Patriciate, continued to maintain the founders guiding desire for secrecy until the macabre slaying of a prominent attorney and the deciphering of a fifteenth-century map brought the Patriciate into the crosshairs of both law enforcement and historians.

No one knew what conundrums lay buried beneath the dust of the ages, or to what extent a foray taken by three resolute sleuths would expose into a covert world of pseudo-occultists. $2.99 on Kindle.
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