Free: Second Chance with My Ex’s Brother

One night. No promises. No last names. Just raw passion.

The twist? He’s my ex’s brother.

I slipped away at dawn… never knowing who he was.

Miles was my escape, a way to reclaim my fire and direction.

Our affair became a pivot point that altered my life’s course forever.

Years later, I am the proud co-owner of a successful Sonoma winery…

And Miles is standing before me as a guest at the grand opening of my new resort—sexier than ever and still HOT for me.

His kiss still sears and I want to give in, but I will not be distracted. Everything I’ve worked for hangs in the balance.

When the rest of his family arrives, the puzzle pieces come together, and I question everything—including his love for me.

Can I forgive his omission, or will our past extinguish the hope of a second chance?

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