The Healer’s Miraculous Discovery

The Healer's Miraculous Recovery
When Stevie Katz discovers a mysterious object on the shelves of his family’s store, his life changes forever. The object gives him the power to heal the sick and wounded, and a few freak accidents draw the public eye to his newfound abilities.

Because he never reveals the source of his power, those around him begin to believe he’s some sort of divine being or messiah. Over time, Stevie begins to believe that he has come to save society from itself. When he transitions into televangelism as an adult, his devoted following grows, and he begins to build an empire fueled by his misplaced power.

The story is set amidst the racial upheaval, Vietnam War protests, and the challenging of traditional American values that fuel the turbulence of 1960s Cleveland. “The Healer’s Miraculous Journey” is part historical fiction and part science fiction, but entirely thought-provoking and challenging, designed for readers looking for an entertaining, engaging story with a powerful philosophical substance. $0.99 on Kindle.
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