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  • The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons

    The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons
    J. W. Powell

    Full text of Powell's 1,000-mile expedition down the fabled Colorado in 1869. Superb account of terrain, geology, vegetation, Indians, famine, mutiny, treacherous rapids, mighty canyons. 240 illustrations.

  • Constructing Cultural Tourism

    Constructing Cultural Tourism
    Keith Hanley, John K. Walton

    Building on previous work on backpacking, this book takes the analysis of backpacker tourism further by engaging both with new theoretical debates into tourism experiences and mobilities as well as with new empirical phenomena such as the …

  • The Christian Travelers Guide to Italy

    The Christian Travelers Guide to Italy
    David Bershad, Caroline Mangone

    This unique series guides you on a pilgrimage to the heart of our Christian heritage.

  • Weird Kentucky

    Weird Kentucky
    Jeffrey Scott Holland, Mark Sceurman, Mark Moran

    A guide to the odd and interesting history, places, and people in Kentucky.

  • Bolivia Pocket Adventures

    Bolivia Pocket Adventures
    Vivien Lougheed

    The author is fascinated with the destination and her passion comes across in the text, which is lively, revealing, and a pleasure to read. Sidebars highlight unusual facts and tell of local legends, adding to your travel experience.

  • From Sea to Sea

    From Sea to Sea
    Rudyard Kipling

    This collection of notes and essays on Kipling's world travels reveals a man bursting with self-deprecating wit, keen observational powers, and an intelligent awareness of his own cultural biases and prejudices.

  • The Great Loop Experience From Concept to Completion

    The Great Loop Experience – From Concept to Completion
    George Hospodar, Patricia Hospodar

    This how-to guide not only informs and educates you, but also hopes to inspire those who want to one day make this wonderful journey!

  • Crossing Antarctica

    Crossing Antarctica
    Will Steger, Jon Bowermaster

    March 1990, Will Steger completed what no man had ever before attempted: the crossing of Antarctica — 3700 miles — on foot.

  • Botswana Safari Guide

    Botswana Safari Guide
    Chris McIntyre

    Botswana's flora and fauna: when, where and what to see. Adventure activities, from walking safaris to quadbiking Chris McIntyre is managing director of a leading UK tour operator specialising in Africa.

  • Miniature Forests of Cape Horn

    Miniature Forests of Cape Horn
    Bernard Goffinet

    In the humid forests of Cape Horn, a single tree can host more than 100 species of little epiphyte plants.

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