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  • Coping with Distances

    Coping with Distances
    Jorgen Ole Bærenholdt

    The Nordic Atlantic area has seen remarkable examples of social formations in areas that many would perceive as too remote to allow the construction of functioning communities.

  • The Oddest Place on Earth

    The Oddest Place on Earth
    Christopher Pala

    Flying in every April on Russian jets, he joined risk-lovers to parachute over it, balloon across it, attain it on skis and scuba-dive under it.But as he discovers, man’s presence at the pole is still ephemeral and there is plenty of …

  • L Antarctique en h ritage

    L’Antarctique en héritage
    Henri de Gerlache

    " – Paris Match "Un magnifique livre, richement illustré et rempli d’anecdotes et d’histoires fantastiques." – Vers L’Avenir "Henri de Gerlache rend un très bel hommage à ses ancêtres (…), ces aventuriers sans limites.

  • The Field of Ice

    The Field of Ice
    Jules Verne

    As he discovers the truth about the polar terrain, this work presents amazing possibilities. A bitter-sweet ending awaits the readers in this mind-boggling thriller!

  • The Arctic Prairies

    The Arctic Prairies
    Ernest Thompson Seton

    A canoe journey of 2,000 miles in search of the Caribou.

  • General History of Inland Navigation in Britain and elsewhere

    General History of Inland Navigation in Britain and elsewhere
    John Phillips

    Dieses Buch des Briten John Phillips, welches 1805 erstmals erschien, enthält unzählige Beschreibungen von Wasserwegen auf der ganzen Welt und kann als einziges Werk gesehen werden, welches die Beschaffenheit und Geschichte fast aller …

  • In Mischief s Wake

    In Mischief’s Wake
    Harold Tilman

    The following year, with a crew game for all challenges, a series of adventures on the west coast of Greenland gave Tilman a voyage he considered ‘certainly the happiest’, in a boat which was proving to be a worthy successor to his …

  • Le Pourquoi pas dans l Antarctique

    Le “Pourquoi-pas ?” dans l’Antarctique
    Jean-Baptiste Charcot, Ligaran,

    LIGARAN propose des grands classiques dans les domaines suivants : • Livres rares • Livres libertins • Livres d'Histoire • Poésies • Première guerre mondiale • Jeunesse • Policier

  • In Northern Mists

    In Northern Mists
    Fridtjof Nansen, Arthur G. Chater

    Translated from Norwegian and published in 1911, this two-volume work traces Arctic exploration from antiquity to the sixteenth century.

  • The White

    The White
    Adrian Caesar

    This is a magnificent re-telling of those two fateful expeditions of 1912.' – Ranulph Fiennes Mawson decided to turn north … when he was suddenly plummeted downwards with the fearful rush of nightmare.

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