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  • Montgomery County

    Montgomery County
    Kelly Yacobucci Farquhar

    All of this is compellingly retold in Montgomery County, a broad look at the people, industry, culture, and architecture that make up the county's history.

  • Batavia

    Jim Edwards, Wynette Edwards

    Few people realize that this city has had a long history of leadership in the development of energy resources. In Batavia we endeavor to explore that history, with a look at power from windmills to power plants.

  • Independence

    Richard Piland, Marietta Boenker

    This book illustrates the history of Independence in more than 200 vintage images, detailing the people, businesses, churches, schools, organizations, and events that played important roles in the city's past.

  • An Anthology of Women s Travel Writing

    An Anthology of Women’s Travel Writing
    Shirley Foster, Sara Mills

    This anthology aims to challenge stereotypes of women travellers by presenting writings by women who travelled bravely around the world disregarding social convention and danger.

  • The Caliph s House

    The Caliph’s House
    Tahir Shah

    And so begins Tahir Shah's gloriously vivid, funny, affectionate and compelling account of how he and his family – aided, abetted and so often hindered by a wonderful cast of larger-than-life local characters: guardians, gardeners, builders …

  • Seguin and Guadalupe County

    Seguin and Guadalupe County
    E. John Gesick Jr., Seguin-Guadalupe County Heritage Museum

    Longtime residents of Seguin and Guadalupe County remember their heritage with pride as they welcome newcomers to the area.

  • Middleton

    Shirley Paul Raynard, Middleton Historical Society

    Middleton was first settled in 1651.

  • The Land of Ridge and Valley

    The Land of Ridge and Valley
    Donald S. Davis

    Captured in this volume are the enterprising settlers who first worked the land; the homes, farms, and industries they built; and the major environmental, social, and cultural transformations that occurred in Northwest Georgia throughout …

  • Hidden History of Detroit

    Hidden History of Detroit
    Amy Elliott Bragg

    Meet the argumentative French fugitive who founded the city, the tobacco magnate who haunts his shuttered factory, the gambler prankster millionaire who built a monument to himself, the governor who brought his scholarly library with him on …

  • Carmichael

    Kay Muther

    Showcased in this engaging volume of more than 200 vintage images are many aspects of life in Carmichael, from the wide-open pastures where roadside stands once offered fruits, vegetables, and eggs along todays Fair Oaks Boulevard to the …

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