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  • The Caliph s House

    The Caliph’s House
    Tahir Shah

    And so begins Tahir Shah's gloriously vivid, funny, affectionate and compelling account of how he and his family – aided, abetted and so often hindered by a wonderful cast of larger-than-life local characters: guardians, gardeners, builders …

  • Early Exposures

    Early Exposures
    Bill Pennell

    Early Exposures: A Photographic Memoir chronicles the travels of photographer Bill Pennell to five exotic parts of the world: Wales, Borneo, Mauritius, the interior of British Columbia, and the Canadian West Coast.

  • Prohibition in South Dakota

    Prohibition in South Dakota
    Chuck Cecil

    In the first book of its kind, award-winning journalist Chuck Cecil delivers the boisterous details of an intoxicating era.

  • Forgotten Delavan

    Forgotten Delavan
    Patricia Ruth-Marsicano

    When they left New York in 1836, brothers Henry and Samuel Phoenix intended to establish a temperance colony where inhabitants could live a life free from demon alcohol.

  • Pownal

    Pownal Historical Society

    Following World War II, a United Nations magazine featured Pownal on its cover as a symbol of the peace so many sought. The photographs in Pownal illustrate the beauty, as well as hardships, associated with rural life.

  • Portrait of Calgary

    Portrait of Calgary

    Whether it's the rolling foothills just outside of town, the jagged crags of the Rocky Mountains or the vast and diverse architecture, Portrait of Calgary provides a sample of everything.

  • D Iberville and St Martin

    D’Iberville and St. Martin
    Dale Greenwell

    D'Iberville and the community of St. Martin share more than a common origin: from their colonial beginnings they have been one, now separated only by an invisible county line.

  • Albion in the 20th Century

    Albion in the 20th Century
    Frank Passic

    Albion in the 20th Century features more than 225 photographs from the personal collection of Albion historian Frank Passic, which chronologically show the changes in the community.

  • Marietta Revisited

    Marietta Revisited
    Joe Kirby, Damien A. Guarnieri

    Marietta is one of the largest and most historic cities in northwest Georgia. Some of that history has been preserved, but much of it, unfortunately, has been lost to progress, as the photographs in Then and Now: Marietta Revisited attest.

  • Baedeker Weltwissen

    Baedeker Weltwissen
    Jan Schwochow

    Jeder Themenbereich ist mit Infografiken ausgestattet. Die Infografiken wurden exklusiv vom besten Infografiker Deutschlands für den Verlag produziert: Jan Schwochow mit seinem Büro #Golden Section Graphics# in Berlin.

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