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  • Isolarion

    James Attlee

    But is a pilgrimage even possible these days for city-dwellers enmeshed in the pressures of work and family life? Or is there a way to be a pilgrim without leaving one’s life behind?

  • Fast Company

    Fast Company
    David M. Gross

    It's the thick of the mid-1990s boom, and David M. Gross is racking up billable hours for a Manhattan corporate law firm and thinking that there must be more to life.

  • The Colossus of Maroussi

    The Colossus of Maroussi
    Henry Miller

    The author's quest for spiritual renewal is illuminated in descriptions of his impressions of Greece and its people

  • Sweden

    James Proctor, Neil Roland

    ''The best guide for foreign visitors to Sweden'' Dagens Nyheter, Sweden''s biggest-selling daily.''The best guide to the country'' The Telegraph, London.''The best guidebook, proved invaluable'' The Times, London.

  • Camping With Kids

    Camping With Kids
    Goldie Silverman

    Learn the basics of family camping from longtime outdoorswoman Goldie Silverman and the legion of experienced kid and parent campers that lent their voices to this authoritative, yet fun and whimsical book.

  • The French Riviera

    The French Riviera
    Ted Jones

    The French Riviera offers a literary tour of the region, covering the lives and work of all the writers who found inspiration there–from Graham Greene and W. Somerset Maugham who spent their lives there, through those writers whose work it …

  • London

    A.N. Wilson

    In a one short irresistible volume, Wilson gives us the essence of the people, the architecture, the intrigue, the art and literature and history that make London one of the most fascinating cities in the world. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Belgium and Luxembourg

    Belgium and Luxembourg
    Martin Dunford, Phil Lee

    Covering two tiny but complex countries at the center of a unified Europe, this book runs the gamut: from the best beer, chocolate, and other culinary specialties in Belguim to the World War I battlefields of Luxembourg. 38 maps. of color …

  • Georgina Campbell s Ireland

    Georgina Campbell’s Ireland
    Georgina Campbell

    A guidebook to the very best of Irish hospitality, North and South. This work includes a selection of Ireland's premier accommodation and restaurants arranged alphabetically by county.

  • Spain Culture Smart

    Spain – Culture Smart!
    Bélen Aguado Viguer

    This is the nation that enjoyed a golden age of enlightenment, that discovered America and gathered in its riches, and that left the great legacy of its culture and its language, today spoken by over four hundred million people.

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