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  • Tremenheere s Notes on Public Subjects

    Tremenheere’s Notes on Public Subjects
    Hugh Tremenheere

    An organized survey on the public works of the United States, discussing education, transportation, water supplies and sewage systems, the election process, and the press.

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    그날 밤 게르에선 무슨 일이 일어난 걸까 : 초원광분 8인의 몽골여행

    살아온 시간도 하는 일도 각각 다른 8명의 개성 강한 사람들이 ‘초원광분’이라는 이름 아래 몽골로 떠났다. 방대한 초원과 끝없는 사막을 말을 타고 바람처럼 가르는 상상을 하며 …

  • Journey Through America

    Journey Through America
    Wolfgang Koeppen

    This volume by one of the best known German authors of the postwar period, is one of observation, analysis, and writing, and is based on his 1958 trip to the United States.

  • Alone Across the Arctic

    Alone Across the Arctic
    Pam Flowers, Ann Dixon

    ALONE ACROSS THE ARCTIC chronicles this astounding expedition. For an entire year, Pam Flowers and her dogs made this epic journey across North America arctic coast.

  • Rain

    Melissa Harrison

    In Rain, Melissa Harrison explores our relationship with the weather as she follows the course of four rain showers, in four seasons, across Wicken Fen, Shropshire, the Darent Valley and Dartmoor.

  • Postlagernd Floreana

    Postlagernd Floreana
    Margret Wittmer, Luise Maria Dreßler

    In den abenteuerlichen Geschichten des Galápagos-Archipels spielt Margret Wittmer eine Hauptrolle. *) 1959/60 besuchte Margret Wittmer ein Jahr lang Deutschland. Luise Dreßler begleitete sie in dieser Zeit auf ihren Reisen.

  • Steamboats on the Western Rivers

    Steamboats on the Western Rivers
    Louis C. Hunter, Beatrice Jones Hunter

    Richly detailed definitive account covers every aspect of steamboat's development — from construction, equipment, and operation to races, collisions, rise of competition, and ultimate decline of steamboat transportation.

  • Romantic Geographies

    Romantic Geographies
    Amanda Gilroy

    As the essays demonstrate, romantic travelers went to war zones and imperial frontiers; they reported on hotels and health spas; their concerns included ethnography, medicine, politics, and aesthetics.

  • The Kingdom of Women

    The Kingdom of Women
    Choo WaiHong

    This is one of the last matrilineal societies on earth, where power lies in the hands of women.

  • El hombre de las dos patrias

    El hombre de las dos patrias
    Javier Reverte

    De modo que este es un trabajo sobre un hombre que nació entre dos patrias, que alentó dos almas, que vivió, pensó y escribió contracorriente.» La vida para Javier Reverte es como su literatura, una aventura, dos palabras que riman en …

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