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  • Fodor s British Virgin Islands

    Fodor’s British Virgin Islands

    Note: This ebook edition includes photographs and maps that will appear on black-and-white devices but are optimized for devices that support full-color images.

  • Best Dives of the Cayman Islands

    Best Dives of the Cayman Islands
    Joyce Huber, Jon Huber

    "I have bought both editions of this book, mostly because the first edition got so dog-eared that I wanted a clean one for vacation last year. The book is a marvelous source of information for both the snorkeler and the diver.

  • Cruising the Southern and Western Caribbean

    Cruising the Southern and Western Caribbean
    Larry H. Ludmer

    You will have between eight and 10 hours in each cruise port you visit. This guide tells you how to make the most of that time by focusing on the best sights and activities at every stop.

  • Cayman Islands Adventure Guide

    Cayman Islands Adventure Guide
    Paris Permenter, John Bigley

    "The authors know their stuff and it shows… jam-packed with travel tips.

  • Antigua Alive

    Antigua Alive
    Paris Permenter

    Piano bars, jazz clubs, places to meet people and even gay clubs are listed for nightlife. Transportation to, from, and around the area is also covered. "I found this book to be extremely helpful. Very practical advice.

  • The Bahamas

    The Bahamas
    Gaylord Dold

    The Rough Guides series contain full color photos, three maps in one, and arewaterproof and tearproof. They contain thousands of keyed listings and brightnew graphics.

  • Antigua and Barbuda

    Antigua and Barbuda
    Don Philpott

    This guide to Antigua and Barbuda, aimed at travellers wishing to explore these two small Caribbean islands, describes the history and culture and provides itineraries around Antigua.

  • Diving the Virgin Islands

    Diving the Virgin Islands
    Lynn Seldon

    Shopping is covered in the guide as well. Aimed at the dive traveler, this book takes you to the best places the islands have to offer, both above and under the water.

  • Tourism in the Caribbean

    Tourism in the Caribbean
    Johannes Maerk, Ian Boxill

    This book persuasively argues that tourism development, like other forms of development, should be a process in which the interests of the local population are primary.

  • Fodor s In Focus Cayman Islands

    Fodor’s In Focus Cayman Islands

    Competitive Advantage: With comprehensive coverage and dozens of color photos, this guide is the best choice for travelers who want a comprehensive overview of what the Cayman Islands have to offer.

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