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  • A Park a School and Two Strained Budgets

    A Park, a School, and Two Strained Budgets
    Gary L. Sears, Charldean Newell

    This e-book highlights the challenges most local government administrators face negotiating with other public bodies over the use or development of community resources.

  • Freedomland

    Robert McLaughlin, Frank R. Adamo

    Entering Freedomland was like walking into a history book of America for both young and young at heart. Open for five seasons, Freedomland gave its guests and cast members memories that have lasted a lifetime.

  • Western New York Amusement Parks

    Western New York Amusement Parks
    Rose Ann Hirsch

    For more than 100 years, western New Yorkers have enjoyed the region's exciting amusement parks.

  • The Art of the Turnaround

    The Art of the Turnaround
    Michael M. Kaiser

    Practical advice (supported by extensive case studies) for fixing troubled arts organizations

  • Coasters 101

    Coasters 101
    Nick Weisenberger

    I could not put it down. Lot's of great information. I am a technology and engineering teacher and the information I found here is very helpful in trying to get students more excited about engineering.” -Amazon reviewer

  • Knott s Berry Farm

    Knott’s Berry Farm
    Jay Jennings

    Knottas Berry Farm boasts a rich history.

  • Hersheypark

    Pamela Cassidy Whitenack

    This book portrays the origin of Hershey Park, its development as a trolley park, and its successful transition to Hersheypark, a themed amusement park, at a time when many traditional parks faltered and failed.

  • Pleasure Island

    Pleasure Island
    Robert McLaughlin

    At Pleasure Island, children and children at heart entered into a world that traditional amusement parks could not provide, where character actors continually put on a show and the entire park was the stage.

  • Mousejunkies

    Bill Burke

    Collection of humorous travelogues and insider how-to secrets compiled after scores of trips to Walt Disney World.

  • Six Flags Great Adventure

    Six Flags Great Adventure
    Harry Applegate, Thomas Benton

    Presents a pictorial look at the history of Six Flags Great Adventure.

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