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  • Railroads in the Old South

    Railroads in the Old South
    Aaron W. Marrs

    Railroads in the Old South demonstrates that a simple approach to the Old South fails to do justice to its complexity and contradictions.

  • Great British Railway Journeys Text Only

    Great British Railway Journeys Text Only
    Charlie Bunce

    TEXT ONLY EB The Sunday Times Bestseller A glorious insight into Britain over the last 150 years – its history, landscape and people – from the window of Britain’s many and magnificent railway journeys.

  • Amazing Extraordinary Facts Steam Age

    Amazing & Extraordinary Facts – Steam Age
    Julian Holland

    Respected transport author Julian Holland delves into the intriguing world of steam in his latest book, which is full of absorbing facts and figures on subjects ranging from Cornish beam engines, steam railway locomotives, road vehicles and …

  • Amtraks Financial Situation

    Amtraks Financial Situation
    Kay Bailey Hutchison

    Witnesses include: Thomas M. Downs, Pres. and CEO, Amtrak; Donald M. Itzkoff, Deputy Administrator, Federal Railroad Admin., U.S. Dept. of Transportation; Phyllis F. Scheinberg, Assoc. Dir.

  • Ocean Shore Railroad

    Ocean Shore Railroad
    Chris Hunter

    With one of the world's most scenic backdrops as a brilliant seascape for passengers, the Ocean Shore Railroad skirted northern California's coastline to service communities south of San Francisco for the first two decades of the 20th …

  • Last Train to Paradise

    Last Train to Paradise
    Graham Hutchins

    The book will include a wide variety of fascinating and unfamiliar photographs, not just of the trains themselves but also of the people who travelled in them.

  • Trains of Discovery

    Trains of Discovery
    Alfred Runte

    This book is a sight to behold as well as a wonderful, nostalgic armchair read"–

  • Chattahoochee Valley Railway

    Chattahoochee Valley Railway
    Tom Gallo

    Weaving across state lines from Standing Rock, Alabama, through West Point, Georgia, and back to Bleecker, Alabama, the Chattahoochee Valley Railway served many communities along its line.

  • The Train Journey

    The Train Journey
    Simone Gigliotti

    " This book explores the question by analyzing the victims' experiences at each stage of forced relocation: the round-ups and departures from the ghettos, the captivity in trains, and finally, the arrival at the camps.

  • Crossrail Act 2008 Part 18

    Crossrail Act 2008, Part 18

    Royal assent, 22nd July 2008.

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