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  • The Complete Guide to Drones

    The Complete Guide to Drones
    Adam Juniper

    In addition there is a layman's guide to the crucial legal issues around drone flying, and there is an accompanying website with video clips and commmunity links. This book is all you need to take to the skies!

  • Air Disasters Dramatic black box flight recordings

    Air Disasters: Dramatic black box flight recordings
    Malcolm MacPherson

    Compelling and dramatic insights into crucial moments inside the cockpit.

  • A Wolf s Moon

    A Wolf’s Moon
    Hank Sands

    A raging forest fire threatening Fort Resolution, NWT, kindles a love story. In Port Alberni, BC, Hank flies into a 130,000-volt powerline. These are but a few from this collection of incredible yet true tales.

  • Willy Victor and 25 Knot Hole

    Willy Victor and 25 Knot Hole
    Bruce Jarvis

    The author and his wife, Mary attending a Willy Victor Flyer's reunion at Chanute Air Force Base September 6, 2003. They and others were celebrating the coming out of WV-2 Navy 141311

  • Flight Simulation

    Flight Simulation
    J. M. Rolfe, K. J. Staples

    This is a primary purpose of Flight Simulation. Written in collaboration with a number of internationally known specialists, the book considers the subject in three sections.

  • Helicopter Flying Handbook

    Helicopter Flying Handbook
    Federal Aviation Administration Federal Aviation Administration

    Compiled by the Federal Aviation Administration, this handbook is the ultimate technical manual for anyone who flies or wants to learn to fly a helicopter.

  • Spitfire

    John Dibbs, Tony Holmes

    This eye-catching book combines a unique collection of stunning photos with poignant first-hand accounts of flying the aeroplane in combat, from some of the most famous aces to ever pilot the Spitfire, and from some of the pilots forgotten …

  • Topology Optimization in Engineering Structure Design

    Topology Optimization in Engineering Structure Design
    Jihong Zhu, Tong Gao

    This book should appeal to graduate students, researchers and engineers, in detailing how to use topology optimization methods to improve product design.

  • Hurricane

    John Dibbs, Tony Holmes, Gordon Riley

    This stunning new book reveals the Hurricane in all its glory – from fascinating first-hand accounts from the men who flew her to the truly breathtaking images from John Dibbs of the Hurricanes still in flight today.

  • 93 Seconds to Disaster

    93 Seconds to Disaster
    Brian Power-Waters, Captain Brian Power-Waters XIII

    In "93 Seconds to Disaster," the story of the tragic post-9/11 crash of American Airlines A-300 Airbus flight 587 in Queens, NY, he takes us inside the cockpit on the fateful morning of November 12, 2001 as the plane gets caught in bone …

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