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  • Computational Methods for Geodynamics

    Computational Methods for Geodynamics
    Alik Ismail-Zadeh, Paul Tackley

    Written as both a textbook and a handy reference, this text deliberately avoids complex mathematics assuming only basic familiarity with geodynamic theory and calculus.

  • Cost Management of Construction Projects

    Cost Management of Construction Projects
    Donald Towey

    Cost Management of Construction Projects focusses on the cost manager/quantity surveyor engaged by the project client, and discusses key elements that help drive project success including measurement (based on the New Rules of Measurement …

  • Understanding Housing Defects

    Understanding Housing Defects
    Duncan Marshall, Derek Worthing, Roger Heath

    This third edition of Understanding Housing Defects provides a coherent and comprehensive introduction to the causes, investigation and diagnosis of defects in housing.

  • Introduction to Geodesy

    Introduction to Geodesy
    James R. Smith

    This is the only book on the market designed to provide readers with an introduction to geodesy without the usual emphasis on complex mathematics. Describes such positioning techniques as horizontal and vertical geodetic datums.

  • Hot Carrier Effects in MOS Devices

    Hot-Carrier Effects in MOS Devices
    Eiji Takeda, Cary Y. Yang, Akemi Miura-Hamada

    This book is derived from Dr. Takedas book in Japanese, Hot-Carrier Effects, (published in 1987 by Nikkei Business Publishers). However, the new book is much more than a translation.

  • Spon s Civil Engineering and Highway Works Price

    Spon’s Civil Engineering and Highway Works Price
    Davis Langdon

    This 24th edition, in its easy to read format, incorporates a comprehensive review throughout Assumptions on overheads and profits have been revised downwards Preliminaries have been cut, on a lower cost base Labour rates have been adjusted …

  • Topographie

    Peter Kohlstock

    Folgende Themen werden entsprechend ihrer Bedeutung f r die Topographie behandelt: Tachymetrie, terrestrische Photogrammetrie, terrestrisches Laserscanning, Aerophotogrammetrie, Aero-Laserscanning, Radar- und Satellitenbildverfahren, …

  • Structural Design of Buildings

    Structural Design of Buildings
    Paul Smith

    Covering common problems, likely failures and their remedies, this is an essential on-site guide to the behaviour of a building’s structure.

  • Spon s Architects and Builders Price Book 2017

    Spon’s Architects’ and Builders’ Price, Book 2017

    Although it suits a wide range of project sizes, this is the only price book which sets out a detailed cost base for contracts exceeding £4,000,000 in value.

  • Construction Quantity Surveying

    Construction Quantity Surveying
    Donald Towey

    The revised and updated comprehensive resource for Quantity Surveyors working with a construction contractor The second edition of Construction Quantity Surveying offers a practical guide to quantity surveying from a main contractor's …

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