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  • Young People Ethics and the New Digital Media

    Young People, Ethics, and the New Digital Media
    Carrie James, Katie Davis, Andrea Flores, John M. Francis, Lindsay Pettingill, Margaret Rundle, Howard Gardner

    Researchers explore the ethical fault lines of young people's new media engagement and propose a model of "good play."

  • The Silicon Valley Edge

    The Silicon Valley Edge
    Chong-Moon Lee

    John Young, retired CEO, Hewlett-Packard To emulate, one must first understand. This book is an essential guide for communities and individuals worldwide trying to understand and emulate this startling phenomenon known as Silicon Valley.

  • Liberation Technology

    Liberation Technology
    Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner

    Howard, Muzammil M. Hussain, Rebecca MacKinnon, Patrick Meier, Evgeny Morozov, Xiao Qiang, Rafal Rohozinski, Mehdi Yahyanejad

  • Government 2 0

    Government 2.0
    William D. Eggers

    ' This book is proactive in nature (see what these governments are really doing), does not call for a wholesale and costly transformation, and employs a subtle shaming of those governments that have not yet joined the 21st century.

  • Of Two Minds

    Of Two Minds
    Michael Joyce

    The essays comprise what Joyce calls "theoretical narratives," woven from e-mail messages, hypertext "nodes," and other kinds of electronic text that move nomadically from one occasion or perspective to another, between the poles of art and …

  • Globalization and Technocapitalism

    Globalization and Technocapitalism
    Luis Suarez-Villa

    As technological creativity, corporate research, and talent flows become more important than ever, Globalization and Technocapitalism explores the manner in which globalization acquires new contextual features that will become central to …

  • Technocapitalism

    Luis Suarez-Villa

    In his provocative book Technocapitalism, Luis Suarez-Villa addresses this phenomenon from the perspective of radical political economy and social criticism.

  • Technological Slavery

    Technological Slavery
    Theodore J. Kaczynski

    Feral House does not support or justify Kaczynski's crimes, nor does the author receive royalties or compensation for this book.

  • The Next Wave

    The Next Wave
    Darrell M. West

    Darrell West focuses on the next wave of technologies and how they can further enhance U.S. social and political innovation. West champions exploiting technological advances to help organizations become faster, smarter, and more efficient.

  • Utopia Is Creepy And Other Provocations

    Utopia Is Creepy: And Other Provocations
    Nicholas Carr

    Utopia Is Creepy compels us to question the technological momentum that has trapped us in its flow. “Resistance is never futile,” argues Carr, and this book delivers the proof.

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