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  • Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology Second Edition

    Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology, Second Edition
    David J. Whitehouse

    Still the definitive reference in the field, the second edition of this handbook continues to provide in-depth, extensive coverage of the engineering, physics, materials, mathematics, and computing involved in surface metrology and …

  • Sensors and Microsystems

    Sensors and Microsystems
    Giovanni Neri, Nicola Donato, Arnaldo d’Amico, Corrado Di Natale

    This book contains a selection of papers presented at the 15th Italian Conference on Sensors and Microsystems. It provides a unique perspective on the research and development of sensors, microsystems and related technologies in Italy.

  • Biosensors in Environmental Monitoring

    Biosensors in Environmental Monitoring
    Ursula Bilitewski, Anthony Turner

    This text provides an overview of existing biosensor principles, commercially available instruments, and related biochemical assays which have been developed and applied to environmental monitoring.

  • Biosensors in Food Processing Safety and Quality Control

    Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
    Mehmet Mutlu

    This book details the latest developments in sensing technology and its applications in the food industry, profiling the improvements achieved in recent years for better food quality, safety, processing, and control.

  • High Performance Instrumentation and Automation

    High Performance Instrumentation and Automation
    Patrick H. Garrett

    You can download Analysis Suite.xls,, computer-aided design instrumentation software, available in the book's description on the CRC Press website.

  • Semiconductor Device Based Sensors for Gas Chemical and Biomedical Applications

    Semiconductor Device-Based Sensors for Gas, Chemical, and Biomedical Applications
    Fan Ren, Stephen J Pearton

    Providing sufficient background information and technical detail, this is an excellent resource for advanced level undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers in gas, chemical, biological, and medical sensors.

  • Position Sensitive Gaseous Photomultipliers Research and Applications

    Position-Sensitive Gaseous Photomultipliers: Research and Applications
    Francke, Tom

    Position-Sensitive Gaseous Photomultipliers: Research and Applications explores the advancement of gaseous detectors as applied for single photon detection.

  • Optical Guided wave Chemical and Biosensors II

    Optical Guided-wave Chemical and Biosensors II
    Mohammed Zourob, Akhlesh Lakhtakia

    Researchers and practitioners who need a solid foundation or reference will find this work invaluable.

  • Nonlinear Filtering

    Nonlinear Filtering
    Jitendra R. Raol, Girija Gopalratnam, Bhekisipho Twala

    MATLAB routines are included, and examples from a wide range of engineering applications – including aerospace, automated manufacturing, robotics, and advanced control systems – are referenced throughout the text.

  • Surviving Orbit the DIY Way

    Surviving Orbit the DIY Way
    Sandy Antunes

    The perfect follow-up to DIY Satellite Platforms (our primer for designing and building a picosatellite), this book also provides an overview of what space is like and how orbits work, enabling you to set up the launch and orbit support …

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