Books in category Technology & Engineering – Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems

  • Innovations In GIS

    Innovations In GIS
    M. F. Worboys

    This book aims to offer research at the cutting edge. The individual chapters are fully revised and updated versions of contributions to the first focused scientific symposium on research in geographic information systems GISRUK.

  • Fundamentals of Computational Geoscience

    Fundamentals of Computational Geoscience
    Chongbin Zhao, Bruce E. Hobbs, Alison Ord

    This monograph aims to provide state-of-the-art numerical methods, procedures and algorithms in the field of computational geoscience, based on the authors’ own work during the last decade.

  • Medium Range Weather Prediction

    Medium-Range Weather Prediction
    Austin Woods

    This book provides an overview of the early years of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, and reviews the work of the institute over the past 30 years, describing along the way the European approach to medium-range …

  • Law Anthropology and the Constitution of the Social

    Law, Anthropology, and the Constitution of the Social
    Alain Pottage, Martha Mundy

    This collection of interdisciplinary essays explores how persons and things – the central elements of the social – are fabricated by legal rituals and institutions.

  • Remote Sensing of Forest Environments

    Remote Sensing of Forest Environments
    Michael A. Wulder, Steven E. Franklin

    This book is also suitable as a secondary text for graduate-level students in Forestry, Environmental Science, Geography, Engineering, and Computer Science.

  • Observing Systems for Atmospheric Composition

    Observing Systems for Atmospheric Composition
    Guido Visconti, Pietro Di Carlo, W. Brune, M. Schoeberl, Andreas Wahner

    The objective of this book is to provide a larger audience the opportunity to learn about these techniques and advances in atmospheric composition.

  • Spatial Network Big Databases

    Spatial Network Big Databases
    KwangSoo Yang, Shashi Shekhar

    This book provides a collection of concepts, algorithms, and techniques that effectively harness the power of Spatial Network Big Data.

  • Spatial Information Theory

    Spatial Information Theory
    Andrew U. Frank, Irene Campari

    This volume collects the papers presented at the European Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT '93) held on the island of Elba, Italy, inSeptember 1993.

  • Urban Remote Sensing

    Urban Remote Sensing
    Xiaojun Yang

    An introduction to a broad vision of urban remote sensing research that draws upon a number of disciplines to support monitoring, synthesis and modeling in the urban environment Illustrated in full color throughout, including numerous …

  • Object Oriented Design for Temporal GIS

    Object-Oriented Design for Temporal GIS
    Monica Wachowicz

    Object-Oriented Design for Temporal GIS explores the major components of the object-oriented analysis and design methods, how they can be used for modelling spatio-temporal data, and how these components are developed and maintained within …

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