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  • Rice Almanac

    Rice Almanac
    Jay L. Maclean, David Charles Dawe

    Presents data concering rice and rice production around the world.

  • Analysis of Communication Networks

    Analysis of Communication Networks
    David R. McDonald, Stephen Robert Edward Turner

    This volume consists of the proceedings of the Workshop on Analysis and Simulation of Communication Networks held at The Fields Institute (Toronto).

  • Inorganic Two dimensional Nanomaterials

    Inorganic Two-dimensional Nanomaterials
    Changzheng Wu

    The book provides a comprehensive overview of the field for researchers working in the areas of materials chemistry, physics, energy and catalysis.

  • Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration Drilling Production

    Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling & Production
    Norman J. Hyne

    The most comprehensive upstream petroleum dictionary ever published.

  • Nanoscale Device Physics

    Nanoscale Device Physics
    Sandip Tiwari

    Nanoscale devices are distinguishable from the larger microscale devices in their specific dependence on physical phenomena and effects that are central to their operation.

  • Aluminum silicon Casting Alloys

    Aluminum-silicon Casting Alloys
    Malgorzata Warmuzek

    This book will be of great value to anyone involved in the selection, processing, application, testing, or evaluation of aluminum-silicon castings.

  • Vintage Telephones of the World

    Vintage Telephones of the World
    P. J. Povey, Reg A. J. Earl

    The book covers the development of the telephone from its inception up to the introduction of the first plastic intruments.

  • Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 1

    Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 1
    Charles Platt

    Provides information about components, including batteries, capacitors, diodes, and switches.

  • User Interface Design

    User – Interface – Design
    Alexander Florin

    Projekte für Webseiten oder Software fordern heute neben dem bloßen Funktionieren auch eine einfache Bedienung.

  • Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis and Adina

    Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis and Adina
    K. J. Bathe

    Separating the papers presented in the conference as chapters, this book first elucidates the use of ADINA for analysis of mines with explosive fills.

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