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  • Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

    Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
    David Suisman, Susan Strasser

    Scholars investigate sound as part of the social construction of historical experience and as an element of the sensory relationship people have to the world, showing how hearing and listening can inform people's feelings, ideas, decisions, …

  • Wireless Personal Communications

    Wireless Personal Communications
    William H. Tranter

    This book serves as a reflection of emerging technologies in wireless communications and features papers from world-renowned authors on the subject.

  • RF Circuit Design

    RF Circuit Design
    Christopher Bowick

    Essential reading for experts in the field of RF circuit design and engineers needing a good reference. This book provides complete design procedures for multiple-pole Butterworth, Chebyshev, and Bessel filters.

  • 400 nuevos esquemas para radiofrecuencia

    400 nuevos esquemas para radiofrecuencia
    Herrmann Schreiber

    Este libro está planteado a modo de 'esquemateca', y propone, mediante más de 400 esquemas una revisión al panorama más actual de todo aquello que es capaz de transmitir, recibir o tratar señales de radiofrecuencia.

  • 5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology

    5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology
    Afif Osseiran, Jose F. Monserrat, Olaf Queseth, Patrick Marsch

    A comprehensive overview of the 5G landscape covering technology options, most likely use cases and potential system architectures.

  • Radio Man

    Radio Man
    Mark Frankland

    This researched text is written within the broad context of the political, technological and business changes of the time, and shows how a very ambitious businessman was brought down by the qualities that made him so successful.

  • Fundamentals of Cognitive Radio

    Fundamentals of Cognitive Radio
    Peyman Setoodeh, Simon Haykin

    Game theory — Cognitive radio transceiver — Cognitive radio networks — Sustainability of the spectrum supply chain network — Cognitive heterogeneous networks

  • Keith s Radio Station

    Keith’s Radio Station
    John Allen Hendricks, Bruce Mims

    New to this edition: New and updated essays from industry leaders discussing how radio is evolving in an era of rapidly changing technology A thorough examination of Internet radio, online music services, and mobile listening devices An …

  • YD T 2576 1 2013 Translated English of Chinese Standard YDT 2576 1 2013 YD T2576 1 2013 YDT2576 1 2013

    YD/T 2576.1-2013: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (YDT 2576.1-2013, YD/T2576.1-2013, YDT2576.1-2013)
    Wayne Zheng

    This part specifies the functional requirements, power requirements, reliability requirements, electromagnetic compatibility requirements, specific absorptivity requirements, and battery and charger requirements for the data service of the …

  • Radio Production

    Radio Production
    Robert McLeish

    The 5th edition of 'Radio Production' is a complete working handbook that provides comprehensive information on every aspect of producing radio programmes to a professional standard.

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