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  • OSHA 2002 Recordkeeping Simplified

    OSHA 2002 Recordkeeping Simplified
    James Roughton

    The book follows the standards as OSHA provides them and adds commentary in order to explain and simplify. Jim Roughton provides a comparison of the old standards to the new to allow for an easier transition.

  • Engineering Decisions for Life Quality

    Engineering Decisions for Life Quality
    Jatin Nathwani, Mahesh D. Pandey, Niels C. Lind

    The ideas discussed within this book will be of interest to engineers; advanced undergraduate and graduate students; public health officials; and risk specialists.

  • Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 10

    Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 10
    Hans-Joachim Lenz, Wolfgang Schmid, Peter-Th. Wilrich

    The twenty-seven papers in this volume were carefully selected by the scientific program committee, reviewed by its members, revised by the authors and, finally, adapted for this volume by the editors.

  • Welfare of Production Animals

    Welfare of Production Animals
    Frans J. M. Smulders, Bo Algers

    This book, the fifth in the series 'Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health', has been conceived by a total of 33 internationally recognised experts from 11 different countries in Europe and from the USA, Canada and Australia, …

  • Artificial Intelligence Tools

    Artificial Intelligence Tools
    Diego Galar Pascual

    Artificial Intelligence Tools: Decision Support Systems in Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis discusses various white- and black-box approaches to fault diagnosis in condition monitoring (CM).

  • Robustness Development and Reliability Growth

    Robustness Development and Reliability Growth
    John P. King, William S. Jewett

    This book integrates key tools and processes into a comprehensive program for developing more robust and reliable technology-based products.

  • Flammability of Cartoned Lithium Ion Batteries

    Flammability of Cartoned Lithium Ion Batteries
    R. Thomas Long Jr., Jason A Sutula, Michael J Kahn

    Researchers working in a related field will also find the book valuable.


    Leonid A. Sosnovskiy

    This tutorial book systematically develops a unified overview, named tribo-fatigue, which aims to address the complex wear-fatigue damages.

  • Chemical Electrostatics

    Chemical Electrostatics
    Fernando Galembeck, Thiago A. L. Burgo

    This book provides new clues for understanding electrostatic charging in solids and liquids, resulting from the surge of research in this active area of science that is taking place since the 1990's but is still largely unknown to most …

  • Design for Lean Six Sigma

    Design for Lean Six Sigma
    Rajesh Jugulum, Philip Samuel

    This is a similar approach to that used by Forrest Breyfogle in his successful book: "Implementing Six Sigma, 2E".

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